Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a disease characterized by inflammation of the colon. It falls under the umbrella of irritable bowel disease (IBD), as does Crohn’s disease. In 95% of patients with UC, the disease also involves inflammation of the rectum, and inflammation may extend to parts or all of the large intestine. Symptoms of UC are typically bloody diarrhea with prominent rectal urgency and cramping (tenesmus). It is often chronic. Many patients experience episodes of remission; however, it is a lifelong condition that can lead to the need for surgery or even life-threatening complications, such as toxic megacolon or perforated bowel and hemorrhaging

Conventional treatment for ulcerative colitis has focused on anti-inflammatory medications, steroids, immunomodulators, and biologics—each uniquely known for its adverse side effects such as allergies, liver and bone marrow toxicity, pancreatitis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, weight gain, and more.

However, by considering the foundational health of the patient and natural remedies that are bioavailable, there is new hope to be found in the latest scientific research into UC treatments. Mounting proof shows that a healing diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, iron-rich foods, folate-rich foods, and turmeric can have a positive—and lasting—impact on the health of patients suffering from ulcerative colitis. Furthermore, supplementation of calcium, vitamin D, and a high-quality multivitamin, along with probiotics and fish oil, may also help to improve health and decrease symptoms.

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